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Monday, 27 October 2008 06:25

intask20_calendar_viewThis tool will help you not slow you down...

InTask was designed to work fast - why? because hard core developers and team leaders like tools that really helps them and not slowing them down. This is the main reason why Microsoft excel is so popular among developers - it's fast! no web UI, no slow database connections.

InTask is fast because we connect to the database only when needed. All the task management is done offline until the user decides to save his work. In addition, we use state of the art 3rd party components like devexpress grid and northwoods go diagrams component which makes InTask even faster when dealing with thousands of records.

We tested InTask with hundreds of thousands records splited to single folders of more than 10,000 tasks and it worked well even with this amount of records. No other tool (including Notepad) works so fast!

When we develop new feature for InTask we always ask ourselves: Is it as fast as Notepad or Excel? If its not, it will not delivered to production!


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Agile Project Management

Agile Methodology

JM-Internet-MarketingShort iterations between R&D, QA and the customers. InTask provides all the tools for managing your project the "Agile way".



Scheduling System

Outlook-like Calendar

JM-Internet-MarketingFor time sensitive tasks, we supply an outlook like calendar. Tasks can be arranged in Day, Week, Month or Timeline views.


MS Outlook Integration

Using Emails

JM-Internet-MarketingEmails in Outlook (ver 2007 and up) can be sent to InTask as tasks or InTask can track all the send and replies.



Enhanced Reporting System

Show Your Work

JM-Internet-MarketingInTask comes with dozens of pre-made reports. Full blown reports editor is available for maximum customization


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